Sound Maven Music

Sound Maven Music LLC, is an Independent Record Label located in the heart of Northern Virginia, founded in 2003 as a creative outlet for Independent Artists of the Indie music community.
Sound Maven signed its first artist B. Soul, to the roster in 2003 and began to take flight, along with his writing talent B. Soul is also a producer and engineer of music, which gave them the ability to grow and prosper as a label. While working with other local artists, Sound Maven was fortifying its niche in the music community and building a foundation to create a roster of exotic talent. With the addition of  the up and coming rapper G!O to the Artist roster, Sound Maven now had the elements to start putting together projects that would have a lasting staple in the Hip Hop community.
B. Soul and G!O started combining their skills to perfect a style that some feel has been missing in the art of Hip Hop music. Collaborating with some of the hottest local talent, Sound Maven started to make a buzz and was ready to showcase its product. 
With the release of Sound Maven's compilation project in 2012, T.I.M.E Vol. 1, which has been rated one of the best independent releases to come out of the DMV area, it has paved the lane for Sound Maven Music to release highly anticipated projects in the future. Working with ANY and ALL genres, and new roster additions, Sound Maven is a true gateway for Independent Artists to be heard.



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